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"Madge did a superb job with a complicated index in literary studies. I have no hesitation in recommending her services in this or any other area, for her combination of technical expertise and excellent communication skills made it easy to explain and resolve any issue promptly and clearly. She went beyond my expectations in developing secondary headings, and even created a few I hadn’t thought of. She completed the work in a timely manner, she was thorough, careful, precise, and unfailingly accurate, and she even caught a billing change in my favor. It was a pleasure working with her."

Dennis Berthold, PhD, author
[Professor of English, Texas A&M University]
- American Risorgimento
 (a study of the influence of Italian politics on the works of Herman Melville)

  Ohio State University Press, publisher

"The service that I received from All Sky Indexing was prompt and professional, and the final product was exactly what I was promised. My only regret is that I did not call upon Madge Walls and her services for my first book. I recommend All Sky Indexing without reservation."

Todd C. Peppers, PhD, author
[Associate Professor, Public Affairs, Roanoke College, Virginia]
- Anatomy of an Execution
 (a study of the last juvenile execution in Virginia)

  University Press of New England, publisher

"Madge Walls was recommended to me as an indexer by the academic press I was working with, and I was immediately impressed by her professionalism and flexibility. She takes in the full details of a project and will make sure that you get indexing that is right for your field and for your type of publication. Even more important, she completed the index quickly but thoroughly."

Geoffrey Baker, PhD, author
[Assistant Professor of Comparative and British Literature, Department of English, California State University, Chico]
- Realism’s Empire
 (a comparative study of works by Balzac, Fontane and Trollope)

  Ohio State University Press, publisher

"At the last minute I contacted Madge at All Sky Indexing for assistance with creating an index for my 300+ page manuscript. Her work was professional, thorough and timely, and the end of the project went much more smoothly than I anticipated. It is unusual on first draw to discover a service that one can comfortably recommend to colleagues, but it did!"

Michael L. Clemons, PhD, author
[Associate Professor of Political Science and Geography, Old Dominion University]
- African Americans in Global Politics
  University Press of New England, publisher

"Thank you for your detailed and thoughtful work on indexing Citizen Environmentalists. Your discerning eye caught a number of errors or awkward punctuations in the text that had escaped the copyeditors; and your thought-provoking questions helped not only to make a clean and useful index but also improved the text itself. Communicating back and forth with you about your questions helped me to think about the book through the eyes of potential readers. Certainly, your work helped make the book more readable for the general reader and more useful for researchers who might wish to use the text as a resource. I appreciate your meticulous and conscientious attention to detail. The finished book is better for it."

James Longhurst, author
[Associate Professor of History, University of Wisconsin - La Crosse ]
- Citizen Environmentalists
 (a study of the citizen environmentalist movement )

  University Press of New England, publisher

"It doesn't seem to matter when I contact her, Madge is always up for a challenge. The subject matter can range anywhere from genetics to teaching to big business, and I always get a quality index. My authors are thrilled when they see the final product. Even when the deadline is tight, Madge delivers on time, usually with an amusing anecdote that just adds to the pleasure of working with her."

Sheryl Rowe, editor
- Acts of Teaching
 by Joyce Armstrong Carroll and Edward E. Wilson

  Greenwood Press

"Thank you again for your work. The folks at Greenwood Press and their colleagues, like you, have been just great – encouraging throughout and keenly focused. The index is so impressive looking!"

Regina Fazio Maruca, author
- The Way We Work: An Encyclopedia of Business Culture
  Greenwood Press

"Thank you again for doing such an excellent job indexing Emotional Exorcism. By explaining your services clearly at the outset, I was able to optimally utilize your services. I appreciate how quickly and efficiently you completed the index. Throughout the project you were diligent, prompt, and responsive to my needs. You remained patient, professional, and always treated me with kindness and respect. I feel very lucky to have found you. Thank you for doing such a great job and for being so nice to me!"

Holly A. Hunt, PhD, author
- Emotional Exorcism: Expelling the Four Psychological Demons
 That Make Us Backslide

  Praeger Publishers

"We greatly appreciate your diligence and care in creating the index for Patients Beyond Borders Second Edition — a quantum improvement. I was particularly pleased with the way you distilled a large amount of technical information — potentially confusing to the reader of a consumer guide — into an accessible, friendly format. Try as we might, we could not find an error in your work!"

Josef Woodman, author
- Patients Beyond Borders
  The Healthy Travel Company

"Having done my own indexing in the past, I know what a difficult and important task it is. Madge is truly an expert at this and meticulous in the detail of her work. She is also a pleasure to work with, and flexible when necessary. Our book, ProMetabolics, is a book for the lay person, but has a lot of medical terminology — so our index was even more important to the reader, and a more difficult task for the indexer. She handled it beautifully and gave me, as the publisher, peace of mind that it would be done right. She is now an integral part of our publishing team and will be the indexer for all of our publications."

Dr. Roy E. Vartabedian, editor
- ProMetabolics, by Humbart “Smokey” Santillo, N. D.
  Designs for Wellness Press

"Index is outstanding... good multiple entries especially on Buffalo Bill Cody and the Wild West!"

Gordon Morris Bakken, author
- Icons of the American West
  Greenwood Press

"As an editor, I wouldn’t dream of letting a book go to print without the help of a professional indexer. Madge worked on my own book, Grammar Done Right!, and I can attest that she does a quality job with a quick turnaround time. She even went above and beyond by catching some typos that my proofreader missed! Madge far exceeded my expectations."

Karen Reddick, author
- Grammar Done Right: A Clear, Common Sense Approach
 to Grammar and Style

  The Red Pen Editor

"This book was a challenging indexing project. Madge Walls of All Sky Indexing did an excellent job sorting through this complicated task and the result is a book of which everyone involved is very proud."

Nancy Mills, publisher
- Adoption: Stories of Lives Transformed, by Dr. Dixie van de Flier Davis
  Pie in the Sky Publishing

"It’s great for an author to be able to turn over the job of indexing a book to someone who has both the technical know-how and a writer’s sensitivity to content. With Madge Walls, I knew the index would capture not just the facts but also the important concepts in my book, making it easier for readers to find exactly what they are looking for. It’s a big job, and one no author wants to tackle at the very end of a book-writing project, so I was happy to have Madge step in and add this finishing touch."

Jill Engledow, author
- Island Life 101: A Newcomer’s Guide to Hawaii
  Maui Island Press

"Madge Walls did a superb job of indexing seven books for us. The jobs were large and complex and the timeline was short. Madge created an indexing style specifically suited to the needs of our readers. She asked all the right questions, responded to phone calls and emails promptly, and got the work in on time — in excellent form. We will use Madge for all our indexing whenever she is available. Well done, Madge!"

Faith Brynie, editorial director
- Patients Beyond Borders
  The Healthy Travel Company

"Thank you for the excellent job in indexing my book and thank you especially for your kindness in taking the time to point out the editorial errors in the text. This assistance will really help the final manuscript. Thanks again for your wonderful expertise, kindness, and helpfulness."

Raymond Jerome, MD, author
- A Grand View of Existence

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